Review & Interview: Noora Louhimo Duo – 28.09.18 in Hyvinkää

Deutsch: Noora Louhimo und JC (Janne-Christian) Halttunen spielten am letzten Freitag einige Ihrer Lieblingssongs in der ausverkauften Crafters Bar in Hyvinkää. Für ca. zwei Stunden konnten wir Klassiker wie “Wicked Game” von Chris Isaak, “Wild Child” von W.A.S.P und “You Shook Me All Night Long” von AC/DC hören. Die Stimmung war großartig und alle hatten jede menge Spaß. Vor der Show hatte ich die Chance Noora und JC kurz zu interviewen.


English: Noora Louhimo and JC (Janne-Christian) Halttunen played some of their favourite songs at the sold out Crafters bar last Friday in Hyvinkää. For about two hours we got to hear classics like “Wicked Game” from Chris Isaak, “Wild Child” from W.A.S.P and “You Shook Me All Night Long” from AC/DC. The atmosphere was definitely great and everybody seemed to have a really good time. Before the show I had the chance to have a small talk with Noora and JC.



Anna: Hi and thank you for your time. First of all can you already tell us anything about the new Battle Beast album?

Noora: Well, I can tell you, that we are in a good process with it. I’m just doing the vocals for the new album and we’re on schedule. I’m really excited about the songs, I think it’s gonna be great. At the moment the guys are doing guitars and bass and I’ll go back to the studio on Sunday to continue my work. We’re also gonna have a new tour next year, I can’t tell you yet when it starts, but anyways I think it’s gonna be great. I will have a new outfit on the upcoming tour, so I’m really excited.

A: You doing so much stuff like recording with Battle Beast, this Duo shows, joining Kamelot for their Finland tour dates, etc., how do you get that all together?

N: By scheduling. I would like to take part in everything, if it is good music or a good band, but of course I have to be more selective nowadays. This year I knew really early when Battle Beast will take a touring break, so I could plan our Duo show tour after that and also with Kamelot we agreed about the featuring shows already months ago. Actually we started talking about that already when Battle Beast was touring with them in the U.S. this spring. When Tommy asked me, if I want to join them when they’re in Finland, I of course said yes. They are great. The songs I got to sing were great, originally Elize Ryd and Alissa White-Gluz has been doing vocals on those songs, so it was really cool to bring my sound to that vibe.

A: Now on the Duo shows the venues are relatively small, what do you like more the big festival shows or these small club shows?

N: Actually I like more intimate shows, because I like the fans to be close and I can eyeball everyone 😉 Especially on those Duo shows with JC (Janne-Christian Halttunen), I think it’s really nice that we can do shows in small pubs and have a moment with our friends there. But I still also love big shows like festivals, because those got a different kind of atmosphere. The energy that comes from all those people to the band is something I’m hooked with. I like all kinds of shows, but with the duo shows I definitely enjoy the small places more.

A: How did the idea of the Duo shows started?

N: I already did Duet shows before I got into Battle Beast and when I got to know JC about 3 or 4 years ago we began to play shows together. I think he is one of the best guitarists here in Finland and he can also do the backing vocals. On our Duo shows we will introduce his and my own music for which he is one of the songwriters too.

A: How do you choose the songs for the Duo shows?

JC: Noora and I have very similar taste in music, so it’s pretty easy to gather around some of our favourite songs and perform them, so that it feels authentic that we really enjoy the songs and music that we are playing for the people.

A: Noora, you also have the MuteSwans project, I bet that is quite difficult to organize, as you all also play in other bands.

N: Yes, but actually this is becoming this once a year special event and I think it’s always gonna be in the end of the year. We all go around the world with our own bands and then we get together once a year to celebrate each other and music. The songs for this project have also been selected together. Those are some of our favourite songs and artists. On the previous show there were only 4 songs, that we sang together, but people gave us the feedback, that they would like to hear us together on more songs, so next show we will perform more songs in collaboration.

How did the idea of the MuteSwans Project come to life?

N: This idea started when we were talking with the girls about when we’re gonna meet. It’s always so hard, as we have all different schedules. We figured that the only way to meet each other, at least once a year is to have a project together and that’s true. We have been for coffee together, but then it’s usually not possible for everyone to be there.

A: How did it feel to play the final shows of the “Bringer of Pain”- Tour?

N: Very good! We first were in Markthalle Hamburg and then we had the last show in Winnenden. It was full blast celebration. We had some extra fun on stage too. We have two single guys now in the band, so before “Touch in the Night” I picked two single girls from the audience and let them have a “date” with the guys. It was really fun. Of course it feels kinda sad as well, because it was two years of touring world and the best time of my life. On the other hand, we’re on the way to finish our fifth album and our journey will continue. It’s like bringing something to its end to begin with something new and of course we will still play songs from “Bringer of Pain” along with our new songs. I have a great feeling about that.

A: Do you have any last words for our readers?

N: Thank you everyone for your support, stay tuned, come to our shows and let’s party again!



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