Geoff Tate – Acoustic Tour

2016 ended with an amazing musical highlight. Geoff Tate (Official), former voice and head of Queensrÿche, visited the Riffelhof

Burgrieden as part of his acoustic tour. Accompanied by “ The Band Anna“ from Cork/Ireland and Scott Moughton from Operation: Mindcrime he played a two hour setlist from his diverse career, lovely re-arranged for an acoustic performance. As one of the most influential rock singers of the past 30 years he doesn’t act as a superstar, he is in good mood, sometimes thoughtful, interested in the belongings of the world with many private stories of his life. The audience got quickly familiar!
Legendary songs like „I Don’t Believe In Love“ or „Silent Lucidity“ played with acoustic guitars of course but also with cello, mandoline, violin and percussion made this evening to a „feast for the ears“, simply unforgetable! I bow and say „Thank you!“



Walk in the Shadows
Another rainy Night (without you)
Some People fly
Jet City Woman
Chasing Blue Sky
Until there was You
Out of Mind
Silent Lucidity
The Fight
Take Hold Of The Flame
The Lady wore black
Hundred Mile Stare
I don’t believe in Love
Eyes Of A Stranger
Around the World