Interview mit David Reece (Sainted Sinners, Bangalore Choir, Accept, Reece, Bonfire)

Hello David, it´s a pleasure to talk to you!
Always a pleasure speaking with you Tobias!
David, you are very busy at the Moment. We have to talk about 3 big things. At first, let´s talk about the new Sainted Sinners Album “ Back with a Vengeance“.
– When will it be released?
The official release is Febuary 16 2018, the pre order date is January 12 2018 and we will also release our first video that day. Volker Thiele also returned with us on this video it’s very very good .We filmed the video in Hamburg at the Hardrock cafe in Hamburg and other areas of the city.
– I tell you a few Songtitles and you tell me about the story or the meaning of the songs:
  – „Back with a Vengeance“

Back with a vengeance for me states to all the people who thought we weren’t relevant that were stronger and better than our first album. So it’s a message that you can’t stop me or the others.

  – „Rise like a Phoenix“

Rise like a phoenix….My mother said once that no matter what happens to me I always stand up dust myself off and carry on. She said I’m like a rising Phoenix so it’s always been a source of inspiration for me to keep moving no matter what in life comes.

  – „Let it go“

Let it go.
It’s like the title says, for a long time when I was younger things would affect me for only one reason why? Because I let it! I’ve learned over my life that in order to go forward you have to clean house so to speak with your past because if you don’t, I think you’ll stay there in the future.

  – „When the Hammer falls“

I hate liars and thieves pure and simple!!! And it’s about those people I’ve dealt with in my life and maybe for your readers who feel the same about it? That Karma is a beautiful thing and truth is more important than using people to gain what you want. Also I’d like to mention at our first album our bassist Malte Burkert wasn’t happy with some of his sounds so he asked if he could mix the new album too which Frank and I agreed and he did a killer job! I also did my vocals once again at Tanzan studios here in Italy with Mario Percudani, he is a great producer and helps to bring out the best in me vocally.

– Are there tour plans?
Yes, our first show is at Jonny’s Lion Cave January 26. I love Jonny and his family and the Swiss people! And the next shows are January 27 stage 8580 in Amriswil, Febuary  16 Traube Bellenberg ( album release party), Febuary 17 Wilhering Austria at Culture Club and Febuary 23 Pilsen Czech at Serikova and we are working on other shows as well.
The second big thing is: You will go on tour to perform the whole „Eat the Heat“ Album!
– How does this start and which musicians will be by your side?
Thank you for asking, the idea originated from my friend Giles Lavery. He always was saying I should go out and perform that part of my history and I never took it serious for a few reasons? 
One.. that album upon release was criticized and loved equally but to my surprise nearly  every show I do people have me sign it and tell me how they now absolutely love it! Another is vocally it’s challenging but I’ve recently had a nasal surgery and it incredibly helped my voice and range! So I’ve been singing and rehearsing the songs and feel very comfortable with it.
Anyway strangely enough my friends Nuri and Tony Martin in Barcelona asked me if I’d like to do a show strictly performing the album at the festival Matarock at March 10 to which I agreed! And a few minutes later another show was booked March 11 in Vittoria  Spain! From there Switzerland contacted me as well as Sweden, so it’s cool to see that fans want to see and hear this album getting its long overdue chance to be performed. I’ll play with Spanish musicians in Spain, Italians in Switzerland and Germans and Swedes in Scandinavia! It’s great and very relaxed. 
– Are there tour plans for Germany?
I am actually working on some German dates as we are speaking so yes I think it will happen.
And finally the last big hit: You will release a solo album this year too. Tell me something about it.
Cool! It’s all I can say! I have been wanting to do another solo album for some time. I was in Montana last summer and reached out to Mike Tramp about a record deal and he suggested Mighty music in Denmark. I contacted Michael Andersen and he was very positive about the idea and introduced me to Martin Frank from Shotgun Revolution and to be honest when we started writing it was well… Really amazing! So from there I signed with Mighty music and plan to release the album in November 2018. It´s heavy melodic and I’m trying new sounds as well, it’s very cool, people who have heard it love it! Sainted Sinners is Frank and mines band but to be honest Franks commitments to Bonfire make it difficult to book shows for us and I’m not someone who likes to sit on his ass and do nothin! It´s the right time for me to think about myself and my music so I’m very happy to be doing it!
At the end of our interview: Are there any words you want to tell us?
First I thank you and all the people who support myself and my musical ventures and look forward to the new year with a positive attitude. And wish you all the very best for this new year!
Thank you David from the bottom of my heart for this great interview and ROCK ON!!!


Interview by Tobias Vogel